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Clive Ruggles

Clive Ruggles, Emeritus Professor of archeoastronomy at the University of Leicester, UK, earned a PhD at Oxford in mathematics and astrophysics,  then switched to archaeology. His work established that many prehistoric stone monuments in Britain and Ireland were megalithic. Clive's studies have taken him all over the world, and he and  Patrick Kirch have worked together since 2002, and  the book Heiau, ‘Āina, Lani: The Hawaiian Temple System in Ancient Kahikinui and Kaupō is the result of a 15-year collaboration that reveals some of the the complex relationships that existed between Hawaiian temples and religion, the landscape, and the heavens (the “skyscape”). Clive also worked for ten years with Hawaiian scholars Rubellite Kawena Johnson and John Kaipo Mahelona to revise their book Na Inoa Hoku: Hawaiian and Pacific Star Names, published in 2015.

Clive will also be speaking at a very different event at the Festival. In 2016 his younger daughter Alice was brutally murdered by an ex-boyfriend following a relentless campaign of stalking. Clive now spends much of his time both among police forces and the general public raising awareness of the dangers of coercive control and stalking.